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best of portland winner

Best 2017: Best Lobster Roll, Best Outdoor Bar/Patio!

"Of all the weird-looking marine creatures out there, society and culture have anointed the lobster, a brown ocean bug filled with goop and sweet red meat, to the status of delicacy. We dine on the crustacean fairly cheaply here in Maine, where the waters are (still) a hotspot for finding the damn things. Maine’s also home to people that are really good at catching them, boiling them, and stuffing them between buttery pieces of bread. (Can we all agree that the lobster roll is the easiest, laziest, and tastiest way to eat lobster?) And while many in Maine make the lobster roll, according to our readers, no one does it better than the Portland Lobster Company. There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying affordable seafood, and the wonderful view of Portland’s working waterfront."

(Source-The Portland Phoenix Magazine-4/24/17)

best of portland winner

Best 2016: Best Lobster Roll, Outdoor Bar/Patio and Best Restaurant to take Out-of-Towners!

Best Outdoor Bar/Patio: The Portland Lobster Company (588 Votes), Best Lobster Roll: Portland Lobster Company (575 Votes) and Best Restaurant to take Out-of-Towners: the Portland Lobster Company (580 Votes)


They just keep winning! While many in Maine try to perfect the lobster roll, few actually do. The consistently reliable, Portland Lobster Company, knows the power that buttery buns, creamy mayo and succulent lobster meat can have on people. They don’t skimp on the portions, either! These rolls overflow with the sweet red meat that Maine’s famous for.

Best Outdoor Bar/Patio: The Portland Lobster Company (588 Votes) I can’t say I’m surprised. This seafood restaurant, right on the waterfront, offers the best dining view in Portland. It’s impossible not to enjoy yourself here, when you’ve got fresh lobster, great beer and live music right on the deck. There’s just something magical about looking out on the ocean and smelling its brine while you’re waiting for your food to arrive. It’s the stereotypical vision of what Portland is like, but that’s okay with me.

best of portland winner

Best 2015: Best Lobster Roll, Best Seafood, Best Patio!

Best Lobstah Roll, Best Seafood Restaurant, Portland Lobster Company


One of the sweetest spots in town, the PORTLAND LOBSTER COMPANY offers Maine’s main dish with a waterfront view. Some of the best bands around — the Jason Spooner Trio and Band Beyond Description — jam at the ocean backdrop while patrons dunk lobster rolls down the hatch. 

Best Patio, Portland Lobster Company

Sun, the sea, sand … even the seagulls can be picturesque when you’re wolfing down a lobster roll on PLC’s patio. Carolina Santos-Neves called PLC on of the top 5 restaurants in Portland in epicurious, a Condé Nast publication. No doubt the writer’s meal was even more delicious with the soul food a Portland waterfront sunset provides. 

Best 2014: Food & Drink Winners


Best Lobster Roll + Best Seafood Restaurant + Best Patio/Outdoor Bar: Portland Lobster Co. There are two kinds of seafood restaurants in Maine: fine dining rooms serving nice wines accompanying poached fish in delicious sauces, and oceanfront spots pouring good beer to wash down seafood both breaded and fried. Portland Lobster Co. is the latter, and the best of its ilk, serving old standards of high quality, including a top-notch lobster roll overflowing with meat. Every meal comes with a view of Portland Harbor from under tent-sheltered tables so you can enjoy your fisherman’s platter (and live music every day throughout the summer) whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Place your order soon, so you can quaff a brew and wait for your plastic red lobster to buzz, letting you know dinner’s been caught for you.


For several years, the Portland Lobster Company has offered the very freshest Maine seafood, live entertainment and the best view in all of Portland!

Picture yourself choosing from our full menu including "Maine's Best Lobster Roll," lobster dinners, steamers, fried claims and chowder, salads and wraps, appetizers and local desserts; then stopping by our outdoor tented bar for an ice-cold locally brewed beer or a glass of fine wine which you can enjoy at our sit-down bar or on our lengthy dock overlooking the gorgeous Portland Harbor in the heart of the Old Port.

Come on down to the Portland Lobster Company, located on the waterfront on Portland's bustling Commercial Street, where the music is live, the food is always fresh and delicious and the view is the best in town! "Get Crackin!"

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Epicurious Names PLC one of the Top Five Restaurants in Portland, Maine!

Portland Lobster Company: No Maine restaurant roundup would be complete without a lobster shack. There is no shortage of the red crustaceans in Portland, but not all lobster rolls are created equal: Many have more mayo than meat, unless you're at Portland Lobster Company (pictured, above right). This laid-back eatery, found on the dock near Commercial Street, is a quintessential example of the genre: All ordering is done at the cashier, and there is seating both indoors and at outdoor picnic tables shaded by red umbrellas. Regardless of where you settle, you will find yourself holding onto the plastic lobster buzzer for dear life as you await your order. Non-lobster items like fried clams and the crab and avocado wrap are worth tasting, but why not start with a roll? The fresh lobster meat has a slight buttery glaze and is nestled into a toasted and buttered bun. The accompanying fries are crispy and just too delicious to pass up, and the coleslaw is dressed with the ideal amount of poppy seed vinaigrette. (180 Commercial St.; 207-775-2112; Portlandlobstercompany.com)

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